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    Services Mecaniques Rive-Nord Inc. offers brake replacements and other essential vehicle services. We can repair heavy duty trucks in a timely manner so you can stay on schedule for deliveries and other obligations.
    We also provide oil changes for both commercial and personal vehicles. Before your next long drive, we can check your radiator, wiring, and other vehicle components for potential issues.
    We're experts on welding metal for vehicle repairs such as panel replacements. Our team can fix even the most dented doors. Get in touch today for honest and reliable vehicle services in Laval, QC!
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Our Services

Repair heavy duty trucks
Repair Heavy Duty Trucks

Our experienced mechanics can repair heavy duty trucks quickly and efficiently.

If your truck has issues, we'll do a diagnostic check to find answers. We can check alternators, wiring, and the transmission. We can then do the repairs promptly so that you can get your truck back on the road as soon as possible.

Oil change
Oil Changes

Oil changes are essential for keeping your engine lubricated and running cleanly. We don't just service personal vehicles. We also do heavy truck oil changes, ensuring that your truck will run smoothly over long trips.

We also do other essential maintenance, like DPF cleaning or checking the starters in your car. Our team offers reliable and effective truck servicing.


Your radiator serves an important purpose, and radiator service will keep it functioning for longer. We can check for wiring issues, leaks, and low coolant levels.

We have all the necessary tools to repair heavy duty trucks, and we are passionate about working on vehicles of all kinds. We also offer air conditioning repairs to keep your vehicle cool during hot months.

Welding Metal

Services Mecaniques Rive-Nord Inc. offers welding metal services for vehicle repairs. We specialize in welding aluminum to fix frames and panels. We can replace dented or rusted panels. Using this method, we can repair heavy duty trucks along with personal vehicles.

We take pride in our wiring services and other car repairs, so contact us for important car repairs in Laval, QC!

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